Suchalis Artisan Bakehouse


Rs. 4,000

The hamper will consist of the following items:


1 double chocolate muffin, 1 lemon and blueberry muffin and 1 banana walnut crumble muffin

1 assorted whole wheat lavaash and 1 assorted sourdough crackers  

1 onion and chives cream cheese dip and 1 lemon and thyme cream cheese dip

1 box of 9 assorted cookies (3 brownie crinkle, 3 chocochip and 3 oats and raisin cookies)

2 herbed butter croissant

1 box of assorted twice baked croissants (small size : almond, chocolate and salted caramel, baklava and walnut praline brownie croissant)

6 easy pour sachets (Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters)

2 Cold Brew Bottles (Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters)

1 kombucha (Krishi Cress)

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